Summary for all testing results

Technical CharacteristicsResultsTest Method
Chemical resistanceClass AASTM C 650
Stain resistanceClass AASTM C 1378
Bond strength**Average PSI 318ASTM C 482*modified
Water absorptionLess than 3.0%ASTM C 373
Corrected Static coefficient of friction test-Dry* ( after cleaning with Hillyard Renovator ) ≥ 0.9ASTM C 1028
Corrected Static coefficient of friction test-Wet* ( after cleaning with Hillyard Renovator ) ≥ 0.7ASTM C 1028
Robinson Floor Test*** ≥ ModerateASTM C 627
Surface Burning Characteristics*Class BASTM E 84-18B

– Techical charecteristics provided are merely general guidelines. And may vary from pattern to pattern. They are not instructions for any particular use in any particular location.

* based on 15 x 15 mm. mosaics size. Test result are guidelines only.

** Using Thin-set : 254 Platinum Laticrete, Thin-Set Mortar (White) Grouted with : Mapei Keracolor Unsanded Grout with Polymer

*** based on 10 x 10 mm. mosaics size. Test result are guidelines only.

1. General Information

  • Sonite products must be kept away from high heat and fires, including direct sunlight and open flames. Do not set curling irons, blow dryers, clothing irons, or other hot objects directly on the surface of the product.  For best results, the surface area to be covered should be completely flat and smooth, with all corners perpendicular.

2. Sonite products.

  • Differences and variations in shade, flow, grain, tonality, shape, size, veining, moisture absorption, surface finish color (including discoloration, and/or fading, and or yellowing over time), texture, and coefficient of friction are inherent characteristics and/or occur naturally during the manufacturing process and are not, and shall not be considered, defects in the Sonite products.

3. Application.

  • Please refer to any relevant technical specifications to determine whether a collection is appropriate for an application. Any specifications or guidelines provided by Sonite are merely general guidelines. They are not instructions for any particular use in any particular location.
  • Sonite products are primarily intended for use as indoor decorative wall coverings. Sonite mosaics (10, 15, 20 mm) are rated for indoor light traffic flooring use only if installed with epoxy based tile adhesives and grout. White colored adhesives are recommended for use with translucent Sonite materials to prevent color drops. BUYER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT SONITE PRODUCTS MUST BE KEPT AWAY FROM HIGH HEAT (SONITE PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED TO WITHSTAND TEMPERATURES IN EXCESS OF 110 ℃ (230 ℉) AND /OR FIRES.
  • Sonite products are rated for use in steam rooms with operating temperature less than 80℃ (176℉) and for wet application (showers, baths, and indoor pools). Epoxy based adhesives and grout are required for installation in steam rooms and wet environments.
  • Sonite recommends Laticrete 254 platinum, Weber fix plus, and Weber color poxy that have been tested and approved for normal application with Sonite products. For applications with large ambient temperature variation or light traffic floor applications,epoxy based adhesives and grout are recommended.

We believe that the information in this catalog is reliable and offer the information in good faith without guarantee, as conditions and methods of use are beyond our control. We recommend prospective buyers perform their own testing to determine product suitability for all purposes before adopting Sonite on a commercial or residential scale. In no case is Sonite Innovative Surfaces Co.,Ltd. is liable for direct, consequential, economic, or other damages. Sonite Innovative Surfaces Co.,Ltd. disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied, including the warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

The data that we have provided is to the best of our knowledge accurate and based on testing for official certifying laboratories. However, each pattern, size and material may be perform differently under different applications and it is up to each customer to determine the suitability of the material for each of their intended application.


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