What is Sonite Innovative Surfaces?

Sonite Innovative Surfaces is a revolutionary development in surface covering materials. Each of our materials was developed in the spirit of pushing the limits of decorative design and technology, all with aim of creating the most innovative products on the market today.

What are the products made of?

Synthetic polymer composite material.

What was the inspiration behind the Sonite logo?

The Sonite logo was inspired by the symbol of infinity. It’s a graphical representation of our desire to develop and create innovative products of unrivaled beauty. Where the logo emerges from the top of the “I” in Sonite, this further symbolizes our ideas being born of innovation.

How many types of product does Sonite have?

Sonite is divided into three product categories: Mosaics, Tiles and Solid Surfaces.

What are Sonite Mosaics?

Sonite Mosaics are crafted from the finest high-quality synthetic polymer composite to create one of a kind surface decoration. Each material has its own unique appeal and will impart a distinct emotion to any area in which they are applied. Moreover, Sonite Mosaics are available in combinations of texture, color, shape and pattern unachievable using traditional glass or ceramic materials.

Sonite Mosaics are also designed to be thinner and lighter than conventional ceramic or glass mosaics, and thus can be handled without fear of breaking. This allows ease of application to any surface including walls, countertops, ceilings as well as on many other surface types such as glass, gypsum board, wood, cement, etc. Furthermore, the relative thinness of Sonite Mosaics allows for easy and neat application to corners, curved areas and edges.

How many Sonite Mosaic and Tile size do you have?

Sonite Mosaics start from 5 X 5 mm. and go up to 40 X 40 mm. with a thickness of 2 mm. These mosaics are supplied on plastic sheets. Sonite Tiles start from 1.5 in. X 1.5 in. and go up to 6 in. X 9 in. with a thickness of 3 mm.

How do I install Sonite Surface Covering?

Sonite Surface Covering is installed in the same manner as general mosaics and tiles, that is, with by using high-quality mortar, thin-set or cement. For wet areas, we recommend an epoxy-based adhesive for affixing tiles and mosaics. For grouting, any high-quality non-sanded grout is acceptable.

What is Sonite Solid Surface?

Sonite Solid Surface is a homogeneous blend of high-grade synthetic polymer composite and mineral fillers designed to yield a luxurious material that can be used as wall paneling, for tabletops and countertops, or even be constructed into furniture. Its nonporous structure provides good resistance to the kinds of stains and bacterial growth that can affect real stone, especially in kitchens, bathrooms and areas requiring high sanitary standards. Sonite Solid Surface is also chemically resistant and easy to clean.

One unique series in our solid surface line is the “Scapa” range. It exemplifies our commitment to innovation and design while at the same illustrating our commitment to the environment. The four series within the Scapa line – Dara, Modesta, Stellar and Twinkle – contain up to 40% recycled materials. Scapa presents an environmentally conscious material that still embodies our high design standards and quality.

How do I clean and care for Sonite surface coverings?

Sonite is an exceptionally strong material whose beauty should last indefinitely if the material is handled and maintained properly. Sonite can best be maintained by periodic cleaning with a soft, damp cloth or with soapy water when necessary. Avoid use of a dry or gritty cloth it may scratch the material’s surface. Avoid strong cleaning solvents or agents, especially ones containing abrasives. Never use kitchen scouring compounds, acetone (fingernail polish remover), alcohol, gasoline, lighter fluid, chlorine bleach, lacquer thinner, window cleaner or waxes.

If my Sonite surface gets scratched, what should I do?

Light scratches can easily be buffed out using polishing compounds such as those used for removing scratches from a car’s finish. Be sure to test on a small area before polishing the entire surface.

Is there anything else that I should be aware of when using and installing Sonite surface coverings and materials?

Keep the product away from direct sunlight, high heat and open flame. For applications on wood or MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), it is recommended to seal the surface with PVA-based sealers. Non-sanded grout is recommended. White-colored adhesive is also recommended for use with translucent Sonite materials to prevent color drops.Additionally,for best results be sure the surfaces to be covered are completely flat, smooth and that all corners are perpendicular.Exercise caution by not setting curling irons, hot blow dryers, clothing irons or candles directly on the surface.

Where can I purchase Sonite products?

In Bangkok, Sonite products can be viewed and purchased at our Bangkok showroom located in Crystal Design Center (CDC), Building D110, 1420 Soi Latphrao 87 ( Juntrasuk ) Praditmanutham Rd., Klongjun Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240 Thailand.

For international orders, please click Contact Us below for more information including nearest Sonite dealer.