Bamboo 735

Lead Time

2-4 weeks


  • Suitable for indoor vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Suitable for all residential and commercial surface application.
  • Use subject to the method of installation - proper adhesive is especially recommended for wet area.
  • Use spacers for more consistent grout spacing.
  • Not recommended for flooring.


Mounted on front sticker film

Available In Series

Color Inspirations

TL-708 Lake Placid
TL-908 Gray Pearl
TL-071 Moonlight (50%)
TL-708 Lake Placid (50%)
TL-071 Moonlight (50%)
TL-905 Silver Bullet (50%)
61-926 Canteen (34%)
61-920 Licorice (33%)
61-927 Tarmac (33%)

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