Cracked Ice M

Traditional Chinese art and culture span more than two millennia. Chinese design rests on the solid foundations of the art of the literati and ritual, religious, and decorative arts. Contemporary Chinese art integrates Western aesthetics and leaps into the realms of conceptual and new media art. Meanwhile, it experiments with new techniques and innovations.
SONITE’s Chinese Collection pays tribute to the changing face of Chinese art and culture. Herewith Sonite presents traditional Chinese motifs as well as their contemporary interpretations, creating new surface designs that complement our “Innovative Surfaces” motto. We engaged two artists: Wei Yifeng from Hong Kong and Ingrid Booz Morejohn from Sweden. Shane Suvikapakornful of Serindia Design Studio works with both artists as creative director for this first Chinese Collection.
Contemporary societies quickly embrace the latest digital media and social networks, and in reverse, traditional designs become a point of revival. At SONITE, we hope that this collection will map a new road for our latest design adventure, bringing richness to our broad range of quality surface products.

Available In Series

Color Inspirations

QL-719 Cobalt
60-023 Capiz
QL-997 Onyx
QL-041 Calcite
QL-997 Onyx
QL-100 Icy Talc