Three Friends of Winter


Pine, Plum, and Bamboo are called the “Three Friends of Winter” or suihan sanyou  岁寒三友 , symbolizing fortitude. They flourish in winter and are welcoming as Spring arrives. They have appeared together in literature and paintings since the Tang dynasty and have been among the most popular Chinese auspicious designs.

Sonite’s Three Friends of Winter were meticulously transferred from a painting composition by artist Wei Yifeng, who especially designed them for Sonite. They can be united in a single group piece (opposite) or divided into three separate pieces (below): pine 松, plum 梅, and bamboo 竹. The frames are lined with auspicious motifs of the endless knot, the characters ji 吉 (auspicious) and shou 寿 (longevity), and the propitious animal motifs of bat (fu 蝠, rhymed with fu 富, wealth) and fish (yu 鱼, rhymed with yu 余, abundance).

This design is elegant and flexible and can be adapted to suit various types of room settings.

Lead Time

2-4 weeks


  • Suitable for indoor vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Suitable for all residential and commercial surface application.
  • Use subject to the method of installation - proper adhesive is especially recommended for wet area.
  • Use spacers for more consistent grout spacing.
  • Not recommended for flooring.


Mounted on front sticker film

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