Archaic Bronze


Ancient Chinese bronzes date back to early Chinese civilization, long before the First Emperor Qin Shihuang. They developed alongside jade carving and other ancient technologies. The motifs on these archaic bronzes range from mythical animal figures to innovative designs such as the taotie 饕餮 mask. The aesthetics convey ritual powers and beliefs that reflect the world view of that time.

Sonite’s Archaic Bronze patina tiles were inspired by these ancient colors and patterns. They were carefully interpreted by artist Wei Yifeng and transferred beautifully onto Sonite’s tile surfaces.

The green patina is most admired in ancient Chinese bronzes. Sonite’s abalone green and black make a perfect match for this Archaic Bronze surface selection.

Lead Time

2-4 weeks


  • Suitable for indoor vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Suitable for all residential and commercial surface application.
  • Use subject to the method of installation - proper adhesive is especially recommended for wet area.
  • Use spacers for more consistent grout spacing.
  • Not recommended for flooring.


Mounted on front sticker film

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