METROPOLITAN As a company often working alongside architects and interior designers, we are constantly inspired by the beautiful buildings and spaces we encounter. In this light, Sonite has created the Metropolitan collection of mosaic patterns. Taking key creative cues from distinctive styles and forms, each pattern much like great architecture itself-at once timeless yet very much of the moment.

Sonite’s Metropolitan patterns are markedly thinner and lighter than other mosaics This makes them easy to install on a variety of surface types and areasincluding walls, countertops, ceilings, and corners and edges, as well as on substrates such as gypsum, glass, cement. wood and other material.

Lead Time

2-4 weeks


  • Suitable for indoor vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Suitable for all residential and commercial surface application.
  • Use subject to the method of installation - proper adhesive is especially recommended for wet area.
  • Use spacers for more consistent grout spacing.
  • Not recommended for flooring.


Mounted on front sticker film

Available In Series

Color Inspirations

60-023 Capiz
1L-909 Tarmac
60-023 Capiz
1L-904 Pewter
60-819 Brownlip
61-804 Chestnut Brown
60-819 Brownlip
60-811 Natural Mop
1L-719 Nightshadow Blue
1L-799 Sea Blue

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