What is Sonite Solid Surface?

Sonite Solid Surface is a homogeneous blend of high-grade synthetic polymer composite and mineral fillers designed to yield a luxurious material that can be used as wall paneling, for tabletops and countertops, or even be constructed into furniture. Its nonporous structure provides good resistance to the kinds of stains and bacterial growth that can affect real stone, especially in kitchens, bathrooms and areas requiring high sanitary standards. Sonite Solid Surface is also chemically resistant and easy to clean.

One unique series in our solid surface line is the “Scapa” range. It exemplifies our commitment to innovation and design while at the same illustrating our commitment to the environment. The four series within the Scapa line – Dara, Modesta, Stellar and Twinkle – contain up to 40% recycled materials. Scapa presents an environmentally conscious material that still embodies our high design standards and quality.