What are Sonite Mosaics?

Sonite Mosaics are crafted from the finest high-quality synthetic polymer composite to create one of a kind surface decoration. Each material has its own unique appeal and will impart a distinct emotion to any area in which they are applied. Moreover, Sonite Mosaics are available in combinations of texture, color, shape and pattern unachievable using traditional glass or ceramic materials.

Sonite Mosaics are also designed to be thinner and lighter than conventional ceramic or glass mosaics, and thus can be handled without fear of breaking. This allows ease of application to any surface including walls, countertops, ceilings as well as on many other surface types such as glass, gypsum board, wood, cement, etc. Furthermore, the relative thinness of Sonite Mosaics allows for easy and neat application to corners, curved areas and edges.