Collection: Shanghai

Three Friends of Winter

Pine, Plum, and Bamboo are called the “Three Friends of Winter” or suihan sanyou  岁寒三友 , symbolizing fortitude. They flourish in winter and are welcoming as Spring arrives. They have appeared together in literature and paintings since the Tang dynasty and have been among the most popular Chinese auspicious designs. Sonite’s Three Friends of Winter were […]

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Archaic Bronze

Ancient Chinese bronzes date back to early Chinese civilization, long before the First Emperor Qin Shihuang. They developed alongside jade carving and other ancient technologies. The motifs on these archaic bronzes range from mythical animal figures to innovative designs such as the taotie 饕餮 mask. The aesthetics convey ritual powers and beliefs that reflect the […]

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Cracked Ice-S

Cracked Ice or binglei 冰裂 is a uniquely Chinese decorative pattern used in traditional window lattice work. It is highly appreciated in garden architecture as a pleasing room divider or a way to separate one area of a garden from another. Windows were employed to open up one area of a space onto another, and […]

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